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Tallavert hails from Richmond, Virginia where this talented singer/songwriter honed his musical skills performing various concerts, music festivals and private engagements in and around Central Virginia. His soulfully rich vocal style and proficiency as a guitarist compliments a range of musical genres including Pop, Classic Rock, R&B, Gospel, Funk, Soul & Jazz.
Born into retail music royalty, Tallavert was practically raised in his parents retail record store Churchill Record Shop, which was a central hub for music retail and a pillar in the  community from 1958 to 1998. This privilege awarded him access to the inner workings of the music industry which has proven to be invaluable. The knowledge he gained over the years of closely watching the way music has a positive impact, totally inspired him to create music that has the potential to become classic. 
Musically educated at New York's prestigious Five Towns College where he majored in Jazz and Commercial Music, Tallavert has applied this wealth of music knowledge to his song writing as demonstrated on is debut album. Tallavert believes that the audience should not only hear the music, but they should also feel the emotion of the song you’re singing. Those who have seen his live performances bare witness to the passion and emotion he pours into each song.
His debut album Love Life & Music is a collection of meticulously crafted vocal compositions which range from infectious melodies woven into sleek, danceable grooves, to heart warming ballads like the wedding inspired track "Right here with you" featuring vocalist Trisca Steele.
Tallavert and his band The Tallavert Effect, have collectively performed professionally for over three decades and has perfected a diverse selection of popular cover-tunes to please almost any audience. Their main objective is to provide the most dynamic musical entertainment experience for the audience and patrons of each venue to create a memorable experience and ultimately a return customer. Their high level of professionalism and unfaltering work ethic makes them the Band to depend on to entertain your patrons/guest and keep them coming back for more.


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