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  This site is dedicated to the art of music with true instrumentation composed by musicians with skill and artistic sensibility.

 Modern technology has been unable to capture the human element of music that can only originate from the heart and mind. I have found that the music that has stood the test of time has been that which was written with meaningful lyrics, simplistic melodies, and harmonic arrangements that evoke excitement and emotion that enters our long-term memory and inevitably becomes the soundtrack of our lives.

My debut album Love Life & Music has those elements. It is a true composition of music from the heart and mind.

 Please take time to sample the music, purchase my latest CD and come out and support our live performances.

 Let's keep music creativity alive by supporting music programs in our public schools.

Thank you in advance for your support.

- Tallavert


Tallavert - Love Life & Music

Available for MP3 Download


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